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Computer Hardware
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Computer Hardware Repair Services

Computer malfunctions can be terribly frustrating. When your hardware does break, We will provides comprehensive computer and IT repair services that is designed to remedy any of your organization's technology defects. Whether it's Laptop, Desktop, Server or Workstation, We'll fix it or find you a capable one.

When key computer components fail, you need to get them back up and running quickly. After all, it's difficult to be productive when the machine that you use to be productive, isn't functioning properly. We provide break-fix support for all types of computer systems. To keep productivity at a premium, our comprehensive break-fix service quickly repairs your broken hardware and gets it back to you.

Laptop Repair Service

We offers comprehensive range of laptop repair services and upgrade services of all models of laptops and notebooks together with those of the maximum widely known brands such as Dell, Lenovo, HP, Acer, Sony VAIO, Apple, Compaq, Toshiba, Asus and IBM Thinkpad. Our experienced laptop technicians and hardware engineers can repair any kind of issues, service and upgrade laptop computer for residential users and commercial enterprise clients. Our laptop repair service assist you to get back up and running at the earliest possible with turnover time to have your laptop problems fixed in less than three business day.

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Desktop Repair Service

It is said that a Human body is nothing but a machine; and like the Human body needs regular checkups and cleaning, so your laptop and desktop aslo need. TechJd’s advice that you should get your computer serviced at least once a year so that with proper cleaning and proper aid, your laptop and desktop is ready for use with reduced risks of sudden breakdowns.

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Server/Workstation Repair Service

Servers like any other device are likely to break down. It can happen at any given time. a break down will make your business unavailable. So, it becomes important that you invest in maintenance service. That is where we step in.

We have successfully helped several customers on repairing server systems which many others have struggled with. Our technical team is highly efficient and has worked on several server platforms including rack-mounting, blade, and tower systems. Our experienced server hardware technicians can repair hardware possible chip level issues. Our server/workstation repair service assist you to get back up and running at the earliest possible time.

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