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Computer Networking

Connect multiple devices on the same network within a specific area.

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Computer Networking Services

Computer Networking is must for success of any organization. It is built with a combination of hardware and software helping in smooth running of your daily operations. We ensure your network serves as the mission-critical platform for your business, we provide you a variety of network infrastructure solutions around core routing and switching, wireless communications and advanced network solutions. We emphasis on reliable, flexible solution that your business needs.

We provides a complete "end to end" network design and installation service from the initial site survey & performance requirement determination, through network infrastructure hardware installation & configuration, routers & switch installation, to the final commissioning, testing and documentation of the completed network installation..

Structured Cabling & Planning

There are many complex issues involved in the processing of structured cabling. Planning, installing, and maintaining network communication systems requires high-level expertise.

We have the capabilities and expertise to provide our clients with a unique, well-designed, infrastructure that is future-ready.

With a well- designed structured network cabling design/installation, you can integrate your IT infrastructure for data, voice, and video. Our experts design/install your new cabling and make it simple to upgrade your systems as your business grows.

We first analyze and understand your business operations and goals by visiting your site physically to understand enviromental complexity. It is only then, we can do justice with our job of design, installation and management. We work with you to ensure your new infrastructure delivers the level of performance and adaptability you need.

With years of experience and understanding the business demands, we make sure we deliver on time without sacrificing quality. We also make sure that we deliver you the best structured cabling & planning through above phase within your allotted budget

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Switch and Routers

TechJd a popular and reliable network solutions provider specializes in the maintenance and management of multi-brand network hardware that includes, switches, routers, servers, storage, firewalls, etc. We have specialists who have the skills and knowledge to attend hard to solve complexity of network.

Routers are networking instruments with customized hardware and software and serve to forward messages and information. They connect multiple networks. Routers analyze the information that is being transmitted, will check and change the packet route and chooses the best route. The transmission is done in a secure manner without the risk of any online cyber-attacks.

Switches connect multiple devices on the same network within a specific area. It can be a connection of printers, servers, computers, server, storage, etc. It works as a controller, enables the other devices to share their information and communicate with each other. For to server best techical through above phase within your allotted budget

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